This week we’re looking at the bass line from the Level 42 classic Lessons In Love. This slap riff by bass legend Mark King is a great slap workout. It’s all thumb, no pops and a really incessant rhythm. Good Luck!!!

Lessons In Love

This track isn’t particularly complicated, but what it is is extremely difficult to play for an extended amount of time. It is such a great workout for both technique and stamina. It’s testament to Mark King’s amazing technique that he could (and still can!) hold this down rock steady while singing at the same time.

Practice Track:

If you know your arpeggios I have some great news: this is just a run through the G major, B major, E minor and C major arpeggios! The good news if you don’t know your arpeggios is that the notes themselves are pretty easy to read straight from the tab below.

The real trick is the rhythm itself. Again – it is not particularly hard in itself. Start at a slow tempo and you’ll soon pick it up. Where it gets tricky is the sheer insistence of the line. You can play it with just two fingers (which I’ve seen Mark King do in live performance) or use a full four finger style – just whichever feels most comfortable to you.

One great idea is to just play the rhythm itself – just staying on one note till you’ve got the feel right.

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