Learning Bass Guitar Is Easy With Talkingbass Courses

The Best In Online Bass Guitar Lessons 

Beginner Bass Guitar

The Perfect Course For Absolute Beginners to Bass Guitar

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Bassic Fundamentals

Technique, Setup, Theory, Reading, Gear & More!

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Talkingbass Starter Pack

Beginner Bass Guitar & Bassic Fundamentals Bundle

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Simple Steps To Slap Bass

The Ultimate Slap Technique Method For Bass Guitar

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Simple Steps To Sight Reading

The ONLY Step By Step Reading Method For Bass

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Ear Training For Bass

Learn Songs By Ear & Improve Your Overall Bass Playing

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Chord Tone Essentials

Chord Tones Are Your Key To Better Bass Practice

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Technique Essentials

Develop A Solid Technique Right From The Start

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Setup, Tone & Gear Essentials

Understand Your Instrument & Gear From The Ground Up

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