I’m going to work through 5 easy slap bass riffs that should help with developing your slap/pop action. The rhythms are all limited to 8th notes (no tricky 16th note syncopation in there) and there are no extra techniques such as slides, ghost notes, hammer ons etc.

5 Easy Slap Pop Riffs

These five slap bass riffs are great practice material for putting the basic slap and pop techniques to work. All five riffs are featured in the Simple Steps To Slap Bass Course

Slap Riff #1

This slap riff is a very straightforward octave pattern running from G to C and back down the scale. Simply slap the notes on the lower strings (the E and A) and pop the notes on the higher strings (D and G). This is a classic slap pattern that you’ll immediately recognise as the sort of thing you’d hear from the disco era. Remember: we’re not interested in speed here – just getting the technique under your fingers. When you’re comfortable with what you’re playing you can think about speed.

Practice Track:

Slap Riff #2

Another simple pattern, but this time with a slightly more accented rhythmic feel. You’ll need to ‘choke’ some of the notes – which is an important part of many slap riffs. There are also some slides between notes which really add to the slickness of the line – and again this is a very common technique used in classic slap bass riffs.

Practice Track:

Slap Riff #3

 Practice Track:

Slap Riff #4

Practice Track:

Slap Riff #5

Practice Track:

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