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I am finding these lessons superb in their linear construction and design, their clarity, and I am amazed at Mark’s ability to communicate his immense knowledge with ease and cheerfulness.
Ken Gammon, Talkingbass Member
Mark, I will never look at music theory ever the same again after watching this video. You have made the material very relevant and most of all…fun.
Chiqui Raveloski, Talkingbass Member
I feel like I am seeing for the first time. Your instruction is clear and takes the mystery out of music theory. I now feel that I can become the kind of player I’ve known I can be. May God Bless you. Got to practice.
Jay Jeffers, Talkingbass Member
Great stuff! I can’t stop watching your lessons, Mark. You have an uncanny ability to get at exactly those sweet spots that make things go “click” inside my head.
Bjorn, Talkingbass Member


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