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14 Lesson Mini Course Covering All Aspects Of Bass Technique

“Developing a strong technical foundation will make for a much smoother ride on your road to musical success”

“Technique is not just a means to ‘playing fast’. Technique deals with our overall physical approach to playing the instrument”

“When we start out on bass guitar it can be tough to know if we’re playing with good technique, especially if we have no teacher. You might find your hands seem too small or certain fingers are too weak or your playing just seems sloppy or unclean”

“Technique Essentials will provide you with a strong fundamental approach to playing the bass and allow you the freedom to follow any practice path you desire”

Mark J Smith (Creator of Talkingbass)

Don’t Take My Word For It….

What I was after was a good foundation on which to build technique.  Your material would be a fantastic deal at double the cost and a down right under priced steal at the posted price.

Mark Mahoney – USA

My goal was to tighten up my technique. My playing has been turbo charged after taking the course. The courses are especially valuable to me because of the way they are structured — I can pin-point the technique that I’m trying to improve from within the lesson and really get it sorted out

Matthew Ogilvie – Western Canada

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Technique Essentials Course?

Technique Essentials is a mini course (taken from the Bassic Fundamentals second module) designed to address all the fundamental aspects of both right and left hand technique. Many players neglect certain areas of their technical development in the first few years of playing. This course will iron out any issues you might be having.

What level of player is the course aimed at?

The course is aimed at any player from beginner to intermediate level although even advanced players might benefit from certain aspects of the course. It’s always good to go back over the fundamentals.

How Long Are The Lessons? 

The lesson length’s vary but the complete course is over 3 hours in length.

How is the course presented? Do I Download Anything? 

The course is hosted on the Talkingbass website so there are no video files to download. There is a lesson material zip file for each module containing a Course Workbook and any relevant practice tracks.

 How Do I Purchase The Course?

Simply click on the Enroll Now button below. From that page you will be able to pay for the course via Paypal or Debit/Credit card.

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