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Essential Bass Riffs – Learn over 80 popular bass riffs in a variety of styles

Essential Slap Riffs – 20 popular riffs to get you started with the Slap technique

Scales & Arpeggios – Every Scale and Arpeggio you’ll ever need complete with play-a-long tracks

Practice Tracks – Variety of backing tracks for practice. Static chords, common progressions and a variety of blues styles

Songlists – Sample playlists to help with developing your repertoire

Drumbeats – Drumbeat play-a-long tracks in a variety of styles and speeds

Online Metronome & Bass Tuner developed especially for Talkingbass


Scale Reference Manual – Quick guide listing of every scale you’ll ever need

Arpeggio Reference Manual – Quick guide to arpeggios of every common chord

Spelling Reference Manual – Encyclopedia of all interval, scale and arpeggio spellings for Spelling Drill practice

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Repository containing all Youtube and Facebook Live Streams

Archive of all Blog Articles written for

Complete Solfeggietto Practice Diary (Transcription and Tab included)

Every Episode of the Talkingbass Cruise Gig Vlog

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