This week we’re going to be looking at the slap bass line from the song ‘Forget Me Nots’ by Patrice Rushen. The slap line is originally played by Freddie Washington.

You may have already seen my breakdown of the riff from the Top 5 Must Know Slap Riffs video. However, I recently saw a video of Freddie Washington playing the riff in a rehearsal clip and noticed how he actually slaps every note of the fast little licks in there. So in this lesson I’m going to give you a ‘reboot’ of my breakdown showing this trickier version along with some tips on nailing those quick thumb slaps.
The video of Freddie playing the line can be found here

Forget Me Not’s Main Riff

The main slap riff from Forget Me Nots is deceptively tricky, especially in the 4th bar where we see quick fire slap 16th notes. Take it slow and build up your speed and accuracy over time:

Practice Tracks:

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