Insane Speed Slap Lick

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This week I’m going to give you a fast slap lick similar to the kind of things you might see from Victor Wooten. If you’ve not played any slap bass before then I suggest you work through some of my other slap lessons first.

If you have played slap bass before then just work through these lines slowly and I’m sure you’ll be OK

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Open String Hammer On Licks

The lick we’ll be looking at is based on some simple mechanical patterns. Let’s look at those first.

Our first pattern will be the basic open string – hammer on – slap – pop. Below we have a basic example of this pattern using an open A string and a D octave on the A and G string:

Moving The Octave

Next, we can move the octave pattern around while still using the same open A string:

We can also move all over the fretboard with this same pattern. In this example we move chromatically down the A string from the 12th fret back to the 1st fret:

Outlining Scales

Using this same principle we can outline scales. Here we have a descending A major scale:

Different Keys

We can also shift keys while using the same open string because the note move by so fast, the ear only registers the general key (dictated by the other two notes). The following example is in Ab Major while still using the, now dissonant, open A string:


As well as octaves we can outline any interval with our slap-pop pattern.

The following example is a Major Third pattern between the D and G string:

By using a combination of major and minor thirds we can outline the D major scale in descent:

The Opening Lick

Using the principles outlined in this lesson we can now try the lick I played at the start of the video. We’re in the key of G and descending through a series of thirds and sixths within the key, starting at a major third on D:

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  1. Wolf July 4, 2015 at 4:03 pm - Reply

    Great lesson. Just cool.

  2. Mark S Beretta July 5, 2015 at 12:22 pm - Reply

    Mark I’ve been doing the basics of this lick and I’ve gotten a lot better at slapping over the past 9 months , its satisfying to hear something I played well.
    My question is no matter how much I mute my strings like you showed us always keeping the home position I still get noise that carries over and I’m holding on for dear life.
    It seems to be mostly harmonics at the slap , is this normal , or could this be from the truss rod not set proper or the bridge of my bass not made very sturdy.
    I have the standard bridge where I can separate the saddles so they don’t touch one another.
    Although I do watch if its a new lick it seems I developed a good ear for where to go on any given bass line without seeing where to start .
    The faster I play the better it sounds by closing my eyes rather than watching my fretting hand after I get a lick under my fingers.
    The reason I say this is it was mainly you and one other guy that helped me . It takes time , patients and much practice , 5 hours a day or until my fingers turn red .

    Thanks much for your help ,
    Mark S Beretta

  3. Rob Britt July 5, 2015 at 4:21 pm - Reply

    Outstanding video Mark! I have been struggling with slapping and have gone through your other slap videos, but for some reason this one brought it home. I practiced that first section for about 45 minutes yesterday (man my fingers are killing me – they weren’t used to that intensity) and toward the end I was hearing marked improvement. I can see where this is really going to help.. thanks. Looking forward to buying your course when it’s done. Your lessons are super helpful.

  4. Brian July 6, 2015 at 2:32 am - Reply

    The best breakdown of speed slapping I have ever seen

  5. Frank July 14, 2015 at 4:33 am - Reply

    Amazing. And kudos for pushing the speed envelope at the end.

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