Check out this hand strength exercise for the left hand (fretting hand). Every two finger permutation is dealt with in isolation in order to gain a more balanced approach.

Finger Strengthening Exercises

The exercises in this lesson are designed to strengthen the muscles in your left hand by isolating every possible two-finger permutation.

For the first permutation (1st to 2nd finger), start on the 5th fret of the E string and move to the next semitone. Then, you need to repeat this on the next string and so on until you have reached the 6th fret of the G string. After this, you simply move up a fret and continue the exercise down to the E string again. You can continue this pattern all the way up the fretboard.


  • Start slow
  • Gradually begin to build up speed when the exercise starts to feel easy
  • Focus on getting a full, warm sound out of every note
  • Play every note for its full duration
  • Use alternate picking on the right hand





Exercise 1: As written picking every note
Exercise 2: Same as Ex 1 but using hammer-ons

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