In this video we’re going to unlock the secret to much faster fingerpicking and incredible stamina on bass guitar with a single, simple tip that you can all put into practice TODAY!

The Secret to speed? – Relax the picking hand!

Speed is a result of our touch in the picking hand and this all boils down to relaxation. Every wonder how players like Steve Harris and Joe Dart can play such fast 16th note drills? They keep their hand super relaxed.

Keeping your picking hand super relaxed will in turn increase your stamina ten fold! Experiment with this by playing a pedal bass note and see how fast you can go, if you dig in and tense up then you will see how quickly you can burn out!

Instead, play a pedal note very slowly using the backing tracks to help keep you in time. Try to keep your picking hand as relaxed as possible and notice how this feels, then gradually up the tempo playing along to the backing tracks provided.

Play lightly and keep your hand and arm relaxed and watch you speed and stamina improve dramatically!

Practice Tracks






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