In this lesson I follow up on the topic of hammerons with the topic of Pulloffs. Pulloffs are a little tougher to play than Hammer Ons because of the subtle slipping off the string we need to employ and it takes more control.

What Is A Pull Off?

Pull-offs use the same principle of plucking a note and using the fretting hand to create the next, just like a hammer-on. The biggest difference is that a pull-off is descending whereas a hammer-on is ascending. As the name suggests, to perform a pull-off, you simply have to hold down two notes with the fretting hand and pull the first note off to allow the second to ring through.

Practise performing pull-offs all over the fretboard using various finger combinations such as the 1st and 3rd fingers, the 2nd and 4th and 1st and 4th.


We can adapt the blues-rock riff from the last lesson to incorporate pull-offs as well. Practise this riff round and build up speed until the pull-offs feel natural. For an extra challenge, try choking the low E notes to add a bit more character to your line.

The next groove in the video is slightly faster and utilises hammer-ons and pull-offs. As with every exercise, start slowly, gradually build up speed and eventually transpose the line to different keys to expand your knowledge of the fretboard.


We can expand this riff to enable us to move through chords with it. This exercise is a little bit tougher but we can pick it up easily and relocate it to another chord in the key.

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