Hammer Ons & Pull Offs #1: Basic Hammer Ons

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In many of my lessons I’ve mentioned hammerons and pulloffs in passing. The slap lessons featured lots of little hammer on riffs. But I’ve always just assumed a prior knowledge of them so here I’ve decided to give a brief introduction to the technique so you can start spicing up your basslines with some smooth legato feel.

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One Comment

  1. Julius Jones February 10, 2015 at 3:48 am - Reply

    Hey Mark first time leaving a comment but wanted to say thanks for ALL the information on playing the base. I have been trying to learning the bass for almost a year know but had to change instructors and pretty much had to start all over. I found your site about three weeks ago and it has been very helpful. This music thing is very interesting and hard but I really want to learn how to play the bass. Please keep putting the information out there are many of us out here trying to be as good as you are.. Thanks again for all the information.

    Julius Jones

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