Walk That Bass Volume 1 

Book Breakdown:

Part 1: Study Tips & Primers

  • 1: How To Use This Book – Tips on how best to integrate the book into your practice
  • 2: Learning The Changes – How to learn and memorise the harmony of a tune
  • 3. Chord Tone Primer – Guide to understanding chord tones and how they are used in bass lines
  • 4. Scale Primer – Guide to chord scales and how they are used in bass lines
  • 5. Chromatic Notes – Guide to chromatic movement in walking bass lines
  • 6. Vocabulary – What is walking bass vocabulary? Why is it so important? How do we acquire it?
  • 7. Functional Harmony Primer – Guide to functional harmony presented in the bass lines of this book
  • 8. Learning The Lines – How best to learn walking bass lines, commit them to memory and use them in your playing
  • 9. Positions – How to approach navigation of the fretboard in your walking lines
  • 10. Springboard To Improvisation – How to improve your improvisation by learning pre composed lines

Part 2: Bass Lines & Analysis

This is the core material of the book. Each tune features six written bass lines in the following order:

  • Two Feel Low Position
  • Two Feel Mid Position
  • Two Feel All Positions
  • Four Feel Low Position
  • Four Feel Mid Position
  • Four Feel All Positions

Each tune is presented with practice tracks at three tempo. The tunes are based on popular jazz standards. The names have been altered to avoid copyright infringement, but the original titles will be obvious to most of you:

  1. Sweet Georgia
  2. Tune Down
  3. How High The Sun
  4. Another You
  5. Take The Train

Sample Tune From Walk That Bass

Below we see a sample bass line taken from Sweet Georgia. The music is written in both standard notation and as separate tab. I recommend using the standard notation but the tab is provided for those below the required reading level.

A practice track is also presented below. There are four separate tracks for each tune supplied with the book purchase. Three tracks with no bass for practice purposes and a demonstration track containing my own recording of the bass line.

The book also contains an in-depth analysis of the chords, scales and functional harmony for each tune.

Sweet Georgia Walking Low Position Standard Notation

Practice Track:

Sweet Georgia Walking Low Position Tab

Practice Track:

Walk That Bass Will Be Released This Saturday August 19th

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