How To REALLY Learn Your Scales – Spelling Drills

2017-11-06T16:14:41+00:00December 12th, 2015|Categories: Bass Scales & Arpeggios|11 Comments

This week we’re looking at how to learn your scales more thoroughly by note using Spelling Drills!

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  1. Anthony Asturica December 12, 2015 at 10:53 pm - Reply

    Hi. Mark.

    I’m very pleas to meet you, and since I discovered your website I’d decided to follow you,and be your student. I really thank you for this blessing opportunity to have your lessons available,so clear, and easy. The best of the lessons your presents,and how clear, and direct each lesson is described by you. I how many more students like me are learning from you because you are ,so willing to teach, and share your your knowledge for free. We need more people in this World like you sir.I pray to God to keep you here for us. For many years to come because you are awesome sir. I pray to God to inspired you to continual to be there for us sir. I will pray to the great Lord from above to reward you, and families with good healthy life, and will to be present for us God bless you sir Tony.

  2. Joseph Romano December 13, 2015 at 2:56 am - Reply

    Thank You Mark This is great !!

  3. Rob A December 13, 2015 at 5:45 am - Reply

    I really love this lesson (and the cycle of 4ths one last week). I have been wondering for a very long time how to learn my fretboard and these notes/scales alphabetically. There are SO many lessons on patterns (5 frets up, 7 frets down, blah blah) but they sort of leave you with that uneasy feeling that you don’t reeeally know where the notes are.

    Thank you Mark.

  4. Joseph Romano December 13, 2015 at 1:54 pm - Reply

    Just wanted to say again Thank You so much. I love what your doing and I
    am learning so much from the way you present the lessons. I want to wish you and our family
    a Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year

    Your student
    Joe Romano

  5. Steven Doyle Adcock December 16, 2015 at 7:56 pm - Reply

    There are a lot of bass teachers on the internet; some good, some not so good. There are no bass teachers on the internet (or elsewhere for that matter) with a passion to communicate as enthusiastically and precisely as Mark! Another great lesson, thanks, Mark.

    • Joseph Romano December 17, 2015 at 2:35 pm - Reply

      I really like this method it’s wough in the beginning But if we study it the way Mark presented it a little at a time during the day and evening in time it’s digested and learned. Marks positive method of teaching really works I love Talking Bass Happy Holidays
      Joe Romano

  6. Stuart Platt December 18, 2015 at 3:46 am - Reply

    Thanks for another brilliant lesson Mark. This ties in well with the previous fourths lesson to make us really learn the way round the fretboard. My 68-year old brain hurts!

  7. Joseph Romano December 18, 2015 at 1:22 pm - Reply

    I know it’s a lot to digest all at once my 67 year old brain has found out how to learn this a little at a time.
    Remember our eyes are bigger than our stomach Mark taught us how in the lesson how to do it.
    Mark has a positive way to teach. I am glad to be his student. Happy and Healthy holidays to all

    Play with as many different people and as often as you can.
    Be open minded to all kinds of music not just one color flower

    Joe Romano

  8. JKotey December 22, 2015 at 7:06 pm - Reply

    Haven’t even watched it yet but I know it’s gon’ be good!

  9. Henry Jardiel January 1, 2016 at 11:28 pm - Reply

    wow! now I`m a (musical) spelling Bee!
    Your teaching skills are great. Makes u want to listen… attentively!

  10. Dean Worsley November 27, 2018 at 10:10 am - Reply

    Mark, obviously an older lesson but I’m only fairly new to bass and only just really exploring beyond my ‘comfort zone’. I play sax, bari and tenor, and also highland bagpipes and this lesson has really made sense in a massive way, particularly how you explained how you can realistically play any tune on any instrument (provided you can play that instrument) by understanding the scale structure outside the fretboard pattern.
    Thanks so much for this one, the penny definitey dropped and this has made so much sense of, umm, so much. Cheers mate, appreciate your work.
    Deano (from South Australia)

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