This week we’re looking at the band Faith No More and the 8 best bass lines by the amazing Billy Gould!

Faith No More’s Billy Gould

Bill Gould is a great bass player with an incredible driving feel. He uses a variety of techniques from fingerstyle to slap to pick playing on his awesome Zon basses.

Conviction is an important part of Bill’s sound and feel and his pick playing can be so aggressive it’s easily mistaken for slapping – Epic is a perfect example of this.

When practicing these riffs be sure to focus on locking with the drums and the note duration. The length of each note plays a huge part in the feel of the riffs and the songs.

We Care A Lot

Practice Track:

Land Of Sunshine

Practice Track:


Practice Track:

Falling To Pieces

Practice Track:


Bass Break:

Everything’s Ruined

Practice Track:

Crack Hitler

Practice Track:

Anne’s Song

Practice Track:

Underwater Love

Practice Track:

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