Today we’re going to look at one of the funkiest bass lines from one of the greatest bass players of all time. Come On Come Over by Jaco Pastorius from his debut solo record. The bass lines in this song are on the absolute must know list for anyone looking to learn that 16th note funk style of playing.

Come On Come Over

The opening phrase doubles the brass line and then Jaco plays a blistering solo blues lick. Be sure to practice that line slowly.

After the solo line, Jaco plays two syncopated hits on the second 16th note of beats one and two. These take place on the E subdivision: 1 E and a 2 E and a.

After the final hit on beat 3 Jaco launches into the main verse riff of the song. This is a simple C7 based line containing some chromatic passing notes.


Practice Track 90bpm

Practice Track 100bpm

Practice Track 110bpm

Verse Practice 110bpm


The chorus bass line is one of Jaco’s most famous riffs. Jaco improvises around a general theme and makes use of an incessant stream of 16th notes working around D7 chord tones.

Practice this line SLOWLY. There are many ghost notes and syncopated notes to negotiate that make for a tough ride. Don’t build speed until you have the notes and rhythms firmly memorised at a slow tempo.

Practice Track 90bpm

Practice Track 100bpm

Practice Track 110bpm

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