In this lesson I cover the most common problem I always find with new bass students. If I ask a student to play a scale or a bassline there’s always this problem of holding a note down for the full duration and leading smoothly from one note to another. Often the solution can be found by simply drawing attention to the problem but sometimes some more technical issues need to be addressed. Just watch the lesson for more details…

Note Control Tips

  1. Be aware of the note length and wait until it is time to play the next note before you end the previous one.
  2. Pluck at the same time that you put your finger on the fret. This has to be simultaneous otherwise you’ll end up playing a hammer-on or making the fret buzz.
  3. Practice bad technique so you know what to avoid.
  4. Don’t just practice in one area of the fretboard.
  5. Isolate a position shift if you find it tricky and repeat it over and over.

Chromatic Exercise For Practicing Note Length 



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