In this preview clip from the upcoming Chord Tone Essentials course, we take a look at the 3 fingering patterns we can use for any single arpeggio. This allows us to break out of that common 1 octave box shape we can fall into and also sets the scene for more expansion over the whole bass fretboard.

The beauty of these 3 arpeggio shapes lies in the way we can play through chord progressions in a single position without having to shift. This provides a lot more freedom and fluidity in your playing.

There are three essential fingerings for any arpeggio. One starting on the 1st finger, one starting on the 2nd or 3rd finger and one starting on the 4th finger.

Here we have the 3 fingerings for a C major triad:

We can see how useful these patterns are by outlining arpeggios in a single position:

Here are the 3 fingerings for the remaining 3 triad types. Minor, Augmented and Diminished:

Here are the 3 fingering patterns for the 4 essential seventh chords:

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