Scales For Bass Guitar

Out Now For Iphone and Android

Learn to play any scale over the complete fretboard using this comprehensive bass guitar app. The exclusive Talkingbass Scale Generator has been developed to provide a simple method for visualising any scale in all positions of the fretboard.

Simply specify the root note and the scale in the selection menu and choose from a variety of different positions/fingerings and the generator will display the scale on a graphical fretboard and tab/sheet music. Press play and you’ll hear the scale played along with a click at the specified tempo.

Talkingbass Scales For Bass Guitar is the ultimate tool for learning scales over the entire fretboard.

Features Include:

Huge database of scales including Major, All Minors, Pentatonics, Major & Minor Modes, multiple exotic/synthetic scales

Basic and Alternative one octave shapes or Complete Fingering Patterns across the fretboard in any position.

Note Label Selection: Switch between notes, intervals and fingering for any scale

Switch between Fretboard and Tab/Sheet Music views

Tempo Select: 40 to 180bpm and choose between quarter and eight notes

Quick Root Select: Quickly switch root notes for any selected scale

Scale Info: Details of scale construction, history and application