This week we’re looking at Master Blaster (Jammin’) by Stevie Wonder and the tricky instrumental break in which Nate Watts joins the band in doubling that cool Pentatonic line.

I’m going to break down the line and give you some tips on how to best play the notes cleanly and with as few position shifts as possible!

Master Blaster: Bass Lesson & Tab

In terms of notes, the first phrase of Master Blaster riff is essentially a journey up and down the C minor pentatonic (or blues) scale – so if you know your scales the notes will come easily enough. The real trick is in playing it cleanly by getting your fingers in the right position so you don’t have to move your fretting hand too much.

The second break is a little trickier and intricate, but still rooted on that minor pentatonic scale – and I’ve included tab for the scale below in case you’re unfamiliar with it.

Watch my fingers carefully and notice how I position my fingers in such a way to make it as possible to move between strings and notes – which enables me to match the track’s original tempo.

Practice Track:

Instrumental Break #1

Instrumental Break #2

C Minor Pentatonic Scale

C Minor Pentatonic Scale (Extended)

Eb Major Pentatonic Scale

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