In this weeks lesson I’ll be looking at the common double note octave lines you might hear in loads of different disco songs.

Double Notes

A common technique in disco bass is to double the second note in an octave pattern. This gives us an eighth note followed by a sixteenth.

The fingers you use for each note is important as you need to be able to get back to the low note as quickly as possible. Your first finger should be shorter than the second, so it makes sense to lead with that one. The order of fingers you want to use is index, index, middle.

This can feel really weird at first but don’t worry! Start as slow as you can, (even if it feels ridiculous), and build up from there.

Tip: Keep your right-hand thumb resting on the E string for stability.

Applying Double Notes

Now we are going to add some double notes to a disco bass line we looked at previously:

Practice this riff until it feels comfortable and you don’t need to read it anymore. Then, to apply the double notes, you simply add them to the second half of each beat.

Again, start slow with this riff and only start to build up speed when you are sure your accuracy at that speed is perfect. It is really important not to go too fast too soon as you could be reinforcing mistakes in your playing without even realising it.

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