This week we’re looking at one of the biggest problems I see in students. The left hand pinky. But it’s not always a problem with Pinky Strength. It’s often a problem with technique and leverage.
So this week we’re looking at a technique I call Joint Barring!

The Riff

This riff is just a straightforward bass line using a root-fifth-octave shape. It might seem pretty simple and easy, but it can be a test of your pinky technique if you use only the 1st and 4th fingers.

Joint Barring

The trick to playing any riff like this is something I call joint barring. We’re going to use the lever action of this joint in the pinky and leverage of the whole hand in generating the required pressure on the string. (see video)

This isn’t all about creating a strong pinky, it’s more about using the correct technique to make everything a little easier.

Once you have that technique under your fingers you can use it in loads of basslines. It can provides you with a clean technique and helps with being more efficient overall.

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