This week we’re looking at classical study pieces and how they’re great for developing your bass guitar technique. We’ll be looking at the opening few bars of the Violin Partita No.3 In E Major by J.S.Bach and how you should approach the various technical hurdles.

Get Yourself A Study Piece!

Classical pieces are great study pieces for bass guitar because they’re usually going to be written for another instrument like harpsichord or piano or violin or cello. So they’re not very ‘bass like’ in their writing.

The pieces don’t sit as naturally on the instrument so they’re great for pushing your technique. They also sound great and you can take pleasure in learning a beautiful solo piece on bass guitar rather than regular old bass lines.

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Violin Partita No.3 In E major

In this lesson we’re going to break down the opening few bars of the Violin Partita No.3 by J.S.Bach:

For those of you with 20 fret basses, you can play the opening line as follows:

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