This lesson covers some easy chord voicings for getting started with chords on bass guitar. There are loads of different shapes for every different chord type but this lesson covers just two patterns for the Major, Minor, Major 7, Minor 7 and Dominant 7 chords.


There are many different ways to play and voice chords on the bass. In this lesson we’ll be making use of the following triad shapes:

The chords on a root note of C are our ‘A String’ voicing’s and the chords on a root note of G are our ‘E String’ voicing’s.

Notice how these chords make use of only the root note and the third (the root is doubled at the octave). We are removing the fifth to create an easier fingering and to facilitate better voice leading in our progressions.

Triad Chord Progressions

Seventh Chords

We can also create seventh chords with a root note on the A or E string. Below we see voicings for the three most popular seventh chords. Again, we are removing the fifth from the voicing in order to facilitate better voice leading:

Seventh Chord Progressions

The following progressions make use of our three common seventh chords:

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