This week I’ve got a simple tip for you beginner bass players that will completely transform the way you approach your playing and improve your left hand technique.

We’re going to look at a popular aspect of fretting hand technique I call Joint Barring. This provides a great method for smooth shifting from string to string

Joint Barring

In this lesson we’re going to look at Joint Barring. Joint barring is simply a name I personally created to describe an aspect of left hand technique you’ll see used by every bass player over a certain level.

Basically, we use different areas of the same finger to smoothly move from one string to another and when doing this, we use the lever action of this joint to make a smooth transition (see video).

Technique Application

The following Motown style bass line can be used to practice joint barring in the index finger:

We can also practice joint barring in the pinky by adding a single D note to the end of the line:

Developing The Pinky

As further development of joint barring in the pinky we can practice the following riff making use of arpeggiated power chords:

Transpose the line down a fourth to the E string for a tougher challenge:

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