4 Essential Ear Training Tips

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Ear training is a way of developing our ability to figure out and then play or write any music we hear. The ultimate aim is to be able to freely express whatever music we want on the bass guitar and in that sense we’re literally learning to talk through the instrument.

At first you might hear about ear training and have no idea where to even start. I know that was a big problem for me. So I’m giving you these 4 tips to help you set you out on a road to developing that ear.

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One Comment

  1. Chuck May 5, 2018 at 6:58 pm - Reply

    Try finding the note that most corresponds to the frequency of your voice.In other words the note that your voice can sing naturally without having to make an effort to sing higher or lower. For me it’s a D and I can sing a perfect D at any time.Therefore I have no problem singing a C from there and then the C Major scale.

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