This week I’m going to work on a really popular rhythm used in many popular basslines but that many people struggle to play.

Break It Down

This lesson is going to break down a popular rhythm that can be found in loads of bass lines but is really easy to play wrong. Here is the first part of the phrase:

You might notice that beat two is pushed, which means that it falls a semiquaver before the pulse. To help you understand the feel of a pushed beat, try subdividing the rhythm to work out exactly where the note falls.

Move It Around

Repetition is key when learning anything new: be it a song, phrase or rhythm Stick a metronome on and repeat this rhythm using different notes. Here is an example progression to get you started:

This rhythm is particularly popular in funk and can often occur alongside octaves:

Complete Phrase

Now we can add in the last note of the phrase which occurs on the offbeat of beat two.

Again, we can apply this to a chord progression and mix in octaves:

Backing Track

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