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I just started learning the bass a month ago and checked out YouTube for some beginner tips and came across Tallkingbass and it has been the best tool for learning the instrument.
Absolutely love this site. I so wish I knew Mark when I wore younger man's clothes. And a belated congrats on your wedding Mark. 🙂
One of the Top Bass educators on the planet, wish you more success and more and more students to come. God Bless.... Cheers.
Very systematic.Simplest way of teaching...Big and harder things are cut into simple chops so that I can easily follow Mr.Mark's way of teaching. I highly recommend everybody who... is interested in bass playing to follow Talking Bass more
Ive purchased two courses so far and can honestly say that Mark is the best on the net. He teaches in way that nobody else does by breaking things down . The little things he... says aswell like some people find this excercise difficult so you dont feel stupid etc. Thankyou Mark for all your help and you deserve all the success and moreread more
Mark's easy to follow video lessons are fantastic. You quickly hear results and have fun playing with music and backing tracks. As I became more familiar with the bass I would... watch certain videos again and learned even more. Understanding more music theory leads to more fun and satisfaction. Thanks Mark!read more
The amount of high-quality content Mark has available, free and paid, is awe-inspiring, as is the fact that he keeps releasing new stuff regularly years later. The videos are... clear and well-presented, focusing on just having fun and playing early on but with plenty of theory and technique when you're ready to get more serious.I was classically trained as a pianist starting almost 40 years ago and decided to pick up a bass guitar for a challenge a few years ago when I got tired of playing bass lines on the keyboard for the dad band I was in at the time. Recently decided to put a more concerted effort into it which is when I stumbled on Talking Bass. Truly amazed by the quality of the material more
Just started Basic Fundamentals course has given me great direction, Mark explains things in a manner that is easy to understand and follow I would recommend to anyone interested... in playing more
Talkingbass is a great sight for learning the bass, The lessons are easy to under stand and you can learn at your own pace.
Mark’s demonstrations are very methodical, informative, easy to understand, and fun. I highly recommend all bass players, no matter what level of playing experience, to join Mark... more
I'm working through the chord tones course. There is so much information in the course that I have to take it I bits and let it sink in.It's great stuff.
Succinct , gradual , bereft of ego , filled with experience . Mark is THE MAN. If you actually want to learn , not watch showboats . He is a teacher par excellence , not a... cheap salesman ( unlike others , that shall remain nameless). Gifted with an unassuming & laid - back style . Phenomenal teacher , indeed my previous in -person bass teacher was dubious ( RE : validity of ANY on -line Bass teachers ) until I showed him Mark .Encouraging and and all round great bloke too . Thanks Mark .read more
Straight Forward - No Nonsense Lessons that get to the point and cut all the Bourgeois Crap that you don't need to learn and understand how the Bass works & plays ...
Mark is the man!Best teacher ever.All of the courses/lessons are done in a way which makes you want to learn more.Cheers
I have only just started learning bass and I wanted to learn music theory properly and the theory around playing bass so that I can take it further. My confidence with music is... pretty bad however I have great mates around me who play in bands and have been great support. I looked around for many different websites as it is hard to find a scheduled time to have lessons with two young children and work.Mark's website and YouTube channel is fantastic as everything is broken down logically and well explained without over the top annoying antics. Mark is realistic and points out what you must absolutely know and understand and what is good to know. I cannot recommend TalkningBass highly enough, thank you so much more
Mark is an exellent teacher.I have purchased the sight reading course and it's just fantastic. Great method.I am going to buy module 2 the minute it's released! ...and I can't... wait!Besides, all video in the YouTube are good as well. I have been following it for 2 years, I think that Mark's is the best teaching style ever!Great great stuff!5 times 5 stars! Thank you very Muchread more
When I started playing Bass, there were no lessons. I learned by playing in bands and along with records, tapes, CDs, etc. Having someone show you everything right up front... really saves a lot of time. I tried to figure out a slapping technique for three decades and finally did from one of Mark's videos. Thanks so much Mark. You changed my more
Mark is par excellence. You won't find anyone out there like him. Knowledge, skill, and real world experience. His demeanor is very personable, and open. He treats all levels, and... abilities with the same care, and attention to detail you would more
I've just taken up playing Bass and I'm working through the Bassic Fundamentals modules. I got a real buzz when the penny dropped going through the Intervals module. Loved... it!I'm so enjoying Mark's style of teaching and the whole Talkingbass concept. Top marks Mark!read more
Mark is an incredible teacher! After 40 years of playing drums, I decided 15 month ago to "formally" learn the bass. Mark's lessons are making the process seem like a dream!... 🎸🎸🎸🎸read more
This guy is serious. Like his style, just he and his bass, plain background no fancy stuff or talk to distract you from the essential, the learning.
wonderful online Bass-courses with Mark, such an excellent teacher, step by step, well explained..tons of material to study, practice room, bass-lines of many famous songs..for... all levels..I am a 62 young grandma and so inspired and happy with learning. After 6 weeks i play along the Blues progressions of course beginner level, and with a handycapped index finger.!! so Grateful know how to encourage more
Hello Mark, I tinkered with the bass for a few years but not in a serious manner. I did find your site about a year ago and think it is great and your lessons look very well... structured. Thanks for your live broadcast that you have had in the past. I was able to view one and found it very helpful. My objective is to be able to work with chord tones to be more fluid at playing and not so mechanical if you know what I mean. I feel I will give the bass another try but will stick with your lessons because I have bought so many that do not seem to work I am tired of wasting money. There may be a lot of good bass players out there but they are not all good teachers. It takes a special talent to be a good teacher and you appear to have that talent. Thanks again for the more
a step-by-step way to learn bass. very systematic, and concise explaination. since I can't find good Bass teacher in my city, Mark's courses really help a lot!
Talking bass has probably been one of the greatest influences on my playing.. purchased several courses now. Always easily get more that I payed..
Well thought out instruction for all levels that is easy to understand and progress through. Highly recommend!🤘🤘👍👍
One of the best online sources for bass and easy to follow along and understand. I highly recommend this to bass players and musicians of all skill levels.
everything this guy does is just magic. in depth explanation of every bit of theory, not to mention the calmness and patience surrounding all this.
I joined a few weeks ago, and i've really learned so much from Mark. He take things slow enough so that you really understand the Bass Guitar. Thank YOU
Mark is a superb, no nonsense straight to business teacher. His lessons are well explained and easy to follow. Highly recommend.
Hey my friend's he has the knowledge and skills and experience, and is able to bring it down to a simple clean understanding of anyone at any level of bass playing to help and... guidance to learn more about playing the bass guitar step by step instructions, thank you Mark very more
I've been watching the Talking bass videos on you tube over the last few months and have learned a lot from Mark. I just recently bought his newest course, Simple steps to walking... bass, to better my musical knowledge of the bass and to dig into playing jazz and blues and it's a power house course100% satisfaction so far. I highly suggest that if you want to learn how to play professional bass that you go to Mark is very humble, knowledgeable and humorous. You will learn a more
I just started learning to play bass recently, and luckily stumbled across TalkingBass early on. Mark's lessons are thorough and easy to follow, and suitable for beginners and... experienced players alike. He's a great teacher as well as an awesome bass more
Simply the Best! Careful, concise explanations of the material. I have had good teachers in the past, Mark is an Excellent teacher! Thorough working knowledge of the subject, and... more. Doesn't spend time needlessly showing us his incredible chops, but clearly demonstrates how to develop our own set of skills. (That's not to say he doesn't show us his skill set, but does so to show us what the end result will be). He has been a Major benefit to me in my continuing study of more
I am so thankful that I found this website and Youtube channel. I am 41 years old and just started learning the bass 3 weeks ago. I love watching your videos! They have been so... incredibly helpful and I have learned way more in 3 weeks than I could have learned from private lessons in probably 3 years! Thank you for breaking things down so they are easy to follow and learn! You are awesome!read more