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Just started Basic Fundamentals course has given me great direction, Mark explains things in a manner that is easy to understand and follow I would recommend to anyone interested in playing more
When I started playing Bass, there were no lessons. I learned by playing in bands and along with records, tapes, CDs, etc. Having someone show you everything right up front really saves a lot of time. I tried to figure out a slapping technique for three decades and finally did from one of Mark's videos. Thanks so much Mark. You changed my more
Mark’s demonstrations are very methodical, informative, easy to understand, and fun. I highly recommend all bass players, no matter what level of playing experience, to join Mark more
The amount of high-quality content Mark has available, free and paid, is awe-inspiring, as is the fact that he keeps releasing new stuff regularly years later. The videos are clear and well-presented, focusing on just having fun and playing early on but with plenty of theory and technique when you're ready to get more serious.I was classically trained as a pianist starting almost 40 years ago and decided to pick up a bass guitar for a challenge a few years ago when I got tired of playing bass lines on the keyboard for the dad band I was in at the time. Recently decided to put a more concerted effort into it which is when I stumbled on Talking Bass. Truly amazed by the quality of the material more
Well thought out instruction for all levels that is easy to understand and progress through. Highly recommend!🤘🤘👍👍
Mark is a great teacher and bass player.His classes are very well explained and easy to understand. Keep up the good work.
I've been watching the Talking bass videos on you tube over the last few months and have learned a lot from Mark. I just recently bought his newest course, Simple steps to walking bass, to better my musical knowledge of the bass and to dig into playing jazz and blues and it's a power house course100% satisfaction so far. I highly suggest that if you want to learn how to play professional bass that you go to Mark is very humble, knowledgeable and humorous. You will learn a more
Mark is an incredible teacher! After 40 years of playing drums, I decided 15 month ago to "formally" learn the bass. Mark's lessons are making the process seem like a dream! 🎸🎸🎸🎸read more
Mark is the man!Best teacher ever.All of the courses/lessons are done in a way which makes you want to learn more.Cheers