In this third interview with Jeff Berlin I set out to clarify Jeff’s views on bass education and define his approach to ‘academic’ learning. We also delve into ten essential tips Jeff presents for embarking on the journey into music reading.

Talking Bass With Jeff Berlin – The Traditional Method

Jeff Berlin is one of the most accomplished and revered electric bass players in the world. After attending Berklee College Of Music in the 1970’s Jeff went on to play in the highly acclaimed Bill Bruford band alongside guitar legend Allan Holdsworth and has since played with many of the greatest musicians in jazz, pop and rock. Jeff has also released many solo records in the jazz and fusion style.

Jeff Berlin is also known as one of the greatest bass educators. His approach to teaching centers around the traditional method employed in other instruments of a more classical lineage. Jeff’s outspoken views on music education have led to his somewhat controversial and iconoclastic reputation.

In this interview I attempt to clarify many of the misconceptions around Jeff’s viewpoint and look to define the ‘academic’ methodology he advocates.

Jeff’s Links:

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