This week we’re sitting down to talk bass with Jazz virtuoso Janek Gwizdala

Janek Gwizdala – Virtuoso, Educator and Author

This week’s interview was an absolute treat for me as I got to sit down and talk bass with one of my heroes, the incredible bass guitar virtuoso Janek Gwizdala.

Janek has toured and recorded with modern jazz legends such as Mike Stern, Randy Brecker, Bob Reynolds, JoJo Mayer and released multiple albums as a solo artist. He’s also a high profile educator and author with a huge online presence both through Youtube and his website.

As a player, Janek is simply incredible both as a traditional groove player and as an improvising soloist. From a soloing standpoint, Janek has developed a beautifully lyrical style of playing and in this interview I delve into how he was able to nurture such a highly developed vocabulary on the instrument.

We also talk in depth about practice in general, the value of transcription and the impact of social media on modern music.

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