This week I’m breaking down one of the first bass lines I ever learned to play back in my first ‘garage band’. Stone Cold Crazy by Queen.

John Deacon!

John Deacon is one of the most underrated bass players and this line can be deceptively tricky when you’re first starting out.

So… I’m going to break down the technique and also show you the difference between the popular ‘guitar riff’ way of playing it versus the actual line John played on the original line.

The Original Line

The original bass line to Stone Cold Crazy is a more simplified version of what we hear in the guitar. If you want to hear the original bass line in action just search Youtube for any of the isolated bass tracks taken from Rock Band.

Practice Tracks:

The Popular ‘Guitar’ Line Version

This version of the bass riff is the usual way we all tend to learn it from transcriptions or by ear. This is because it can sound like a doubled riff and the guitar is much easier to hear. It’s a great riff to try so give it a shot!

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