This is a quick exercise designed to maintain your thumb chops when low on practice time.

Work that Thumb!

Sometimes we just need a simple exercise for working on a single aspect of our technique. This exercise is good for working on the stamina of the thumb and for developing your accuracy:

I find this kind of slap exercise a great thing to practice when in between gigs that don’t actually require slapping. Regularly using this is a great way to keep your thumb and slap technique in shape.

Some people don’t find this kind of approach useful (it takes different strokes!) but for me I find having a repertoire of simple exercises is a great way to lend structure to what I do and stop me idly noodling without purpose.

This should be very simple for anyone with any slap technique at all – just running up and down the major scale across the E and A strings. The general idea is to start at a slow tempo to work on your muscle memory for finger positioning and thumb technique, and then build up in speed.

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