What is the Ear Training For Bass Guitar Course?

Ear Training For Bass Guitar is a progressive, step-by-step approach to developing aural and transcription skills, specifically for the bass guitarist.

Ok. But what is Ear Training and why do I need to learn it?

Ear Training is the development of our ability to recognise and recreate the music that we hear. This can include melodies, bass lines, chord qualities, chord progressions and rhythms. A musician with a highly developed ear will be able to instantly recognise the notes of a melody line, the notes of a chord or a chord progression and either write them down or copy them on their instrument. This is an essential skill when looking to transcribe music.

However,  a well developed ear is not simply a means to copying the music of others. A good ear will also allow you to talk or sing more freely through your instrument as you develop the ability to play the music you hear in your head. Ear training is essential to your development as a musician, regardless of your style or instrument.

What level of player is the course aimed at?

The course is aimed at any level of bass player with limited experience of ear training.

What Will I Learn?

After completing level 1 you will have acquired an understanding of the following areas of ear training

  • The ability to recognise and recreate basic melodies and bass lines in the major key
  • Recognition of simple chord qualities
  • Recognition of common chord progressions in a major key
  • A better memory and recall of rhythms over several bars in length
  • Highly improved Transcription skills

How Long Are The Lessons?

The lesson lengths vary but the Level 1 contains over 4 hours of video and many weeks, months and years of practice material.

How is the course presented? Do I Download Anything?

The course is hosted on the Talkingbass website so there are no video files to download. There is a lesson material zip file containing all of the course material.

Can I see the Lesson Index

Yes, you can. Here is a list of every lesson:

  • Introduction
  • Lesson #1 – Ascending and Descending Pitches
  • Lesson #2 – Visualisation
  • Lesson #3 – Singing a Pitch
  • Lesson #4 – Riffs & Bass Lines
  • Lesson #5 – The Major Scale
  • Lesson #6 – Ascending  Major Scale Fragments
  • Lesson #7 – Returning To The Tonic
  • Lesson #8 – The Perfect 5th
  • Lesson #9 – Root 5th Root
  • Lesson #10 – 5th Below The Root
  • Lesson #11 – Scale Fragments and the 5th
  • Lesson #12 – Scale Fragments and the lower 5th
  • Lesson #13 – Descending Scale Fragments
  • Lesson #14 – Test #1 Basic Scalar Fragments
  • Lesson #15 – Interval Mnemonics
  • Lesson #16 -Test #2 Intervals
  • Lesson #17 – Major Arpeggios
  • Lesson #18 – Non Chord Tones
  • Lesson #19 – Interval Comparison Exercise
  • Lesson #20 – Test #3 Basic Leaps
  • Lesson #21 – Chord Progression Root Movement
  • Lesson #22 – II-V-I
  • Lesson #23 – Chord VI
  • Lesson #24 – Test #4 Root Movement
  • Lesson #25 – Chord Recognition
  • Lesson #26 – Test #5 Major and Minor Chords
  • Lesson #27 – Chord Progression Recognition
  • Lesson #28 – Test #6 – Chord Progressions
  • Lesson #29 – Rhythm Recall #1
  • Lesson #30 – Rhythm Recall #2
  • Lesson #31 – Transcription
  • Lesson #32 – Practice Routine

Can I see a Sample Lesson from the course?

Of course you can. Here’s the first lesson:

How Do I Purchase The Course?

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