This is the second lesson in the series on the legato techniques of hammerons and pulloffs. This combines all the fingers of the fretting hand in running through scales and other melodic lines.

Hammering On With Multiple Notes

Last lesson we looked at hammering one note after plucking another – this time we are going to add more notes into the line. This starts to delve into the relm of soloing, but if this isn’t your thing then this is still a useful technique for getting your hands into shape and preparing you for anything you might have to play.

To get started, we will begin at the A on the 7th fret of the D string and practice all the possible combinations for hammer-ons. The first part of the exercise consists of plucking the A, then hammering down the second and third fingers consecutively.

Remember to hold each note down after the hammer-ons so you end up with every finger held down by the end. 

Start slowly and work on precision and volume consistency – this is much more important than speed as it is actually easier to do quickly. Playing accurately at slow speeds requires more finger strength and dexterity and so practising this is going to help you a lot.

After you are comfortable with this combination, start the pattern on the 2nd finger and hammer on with fingers 3 and 4.

Keep the fingers on your left hand curled around so you don’t touch the other strings accidentally and are better positioned for moving around easily. 

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