Today I’ve got something a little different, I’m going to look at the back pain that we can often encounter as working bass players and I’m going to give you my top 4 tips for keeping your back in tip top shape.

Tip #1: Visit A Doctor

Visit a doctor at the first sign of prolonged back pain. Don’t wait.

Tip #2: Back Stretches (Yoga/Pilates)

Back stretches are an essential part of back maintenance. Yoga and Pilates help to develop flexibility in the spine and strengthen the core. Cobra Pose was the key to my own back recovery and the stabilisation of my disc herniation.

Tip #3: The McKenzie Method

Robin McKenzie was an acclaimed physiotherapist from New Zealand who developed his own method for self treatment of back problems. The McKenzie Method is documented in the book “Treat Your Own Back”

Tip #4: Lumbar Rolls

Lumbar Rolls are cushions created with the sole purpose of retaining the correct curve in our lower spine while seated. Many people (most) tend to relax into bad posture while seated because of the lack of lower back support in sofas and chairs. This can cause problems over time, especially when you have other back issues and damage.

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