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Beginner Transcription Tips

In this lesson we’ll be looking at some basic tips on getting started with transcription and specifically transcribing bass lines from a recording. […]

Bass Player Back Pain – My Top 4 Tips

Today I’ve got something a little different, I’m going to look at the back pain that we can often encounter as working bass players and I’m going to give you my top 4 tips for keeping your back in tip top shape. […]

The Blues Scale

In this lesson we look at the Blues Scale (or Minor Blues Scale). This is a simple variation on the Minor Pentatonic from the previous lesson and is VERY common in all styles of pop, jazz and blues music. […]

Ear Training For Bass Guitar – Intervals

This lesson is taken from the upcoming Ear Training For Bass Guitar course. The course takes you through the basics of getting started with ear development and transcription. In this lesson we work through each of the intervals of the major scale in turn. We learn the sound of each intervals and find a mnemonic [...]