Scales For Bass Guitar App – Ipad

Learn to play any scale over the complete fretboard using this comprehensive bass guitar tuition app.

Features include:

24 Exclusive Video Lessons

Complete series of bass guitar lessons from Mark J Smith covering everything from basic scale construction to improvisation practice. Includes a dedicated approach to complete fretboard scale coverage using the Extended Tri Shape System – a simple and logical method for opening up the bass neck.

Scale Encylopedia

  • Huge database of scales presented on the Scale Generator along with scale details, note names, fingerings and intervallic constructions.
  • Play along with any scale pattern using the Scale Player at your own tempo and rhythmic subdivision.
  • Comprehensive range of scale fingerings and shapes are provided from basic one and two octave patterns through to the extended Tri Shape fingerings. Scales include all Major and Minor Modes, Pentatonic scales, Whole Tone and Diminished Scales alongside more exotic offerings such as the Neapolitan Minor and Double Harmonic scales.

Practice Tracks

Improvise over an infinitely looping backing track using any of the 8 common seventh chords from any root note. A list of scales are provided with each chord to ensure correct application in practice.

Price: $9.99

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